Professional Statements of Support for Oncology Social Work Certification (OSW-C)

IMPORTANT Applicant Information:

You will need to submit 3 Professional Statements: one from your direct supervisor and two from current professional oncology colleagues who directly work with you in your current institution/agency (MSW, MD, RN, PT, Chaplain, etc.)  Past and present students or supervisees are excluded from completing this letter of support. 


Each person completing a Professional Statement needs to place it in a sealed envelope and then sign their name across the sealed part of the envelope. Then the applicant must collect all 3 Professional Statements and enclose them in his/her application packet.

Professional Reference:

You have been selected to complete the following statement of support for an oncology social worker applying for Oncology Social Work Certification (OSW-C).The information you provide on this form will help establish the applicant’s eligibility.Providing specific and accurate information is very important.Thank you for your contribution to maintaining high professional standards in the oncology social work profession. This statement of support will be kept confidential.

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