OSW-C Inactive Status Policy and Procedure

This Policy and Procedure seeks to provide a time-limited, non-renewable grace period of inactive status for individuals with OSW-C.

  1. Under the following documented circumstances, an individual with OSW-C may request an inactive status for a period of up to, but not exceeding, six months during which time they may continue to retain their OSW-C credential:
    • Documented Family Medical Leave (FMLA) of up to but not exceeding, six months
    • Documented Employer approved Leave of Absence (LOA) of up to but not exceeding, six months
    • Documented limited period of Oncology Social Work unemployment (i.e. loss of job, elimination of position) of up to, but not exceeding, six months
  2. The OSW-C Social Worker must submit notification and documentation of inactive status circumstances and request within one month of the initial date of the qualifying event.  The applicant will indicate anticipated length of inactive status up to six months from the date of the FMLA, LOA or unemployment period.
  3. If an inactive status is approved by the Board of Oncology Social Work, the individual’s OSW-C renewal date will be adjusted accordingly.  (For example, an approved inactive status for 4 months would change a pre-existing renewal date of 1-1-17 to 5-1-17.)  The approved inactive status would be entered into the OSW-C data base with flagging for re-assessment no later than within the approved inactive status period.
  4. If after any inactive status period exceeding six months, the OSW-C social worker is still not working in an oncology, palliative care, or end-of-life care environment
    social work employment and therefore no longer meets OSW-C criteria, the OSW-C certified social worker should notify the Board of Oncology Social Work (BOSWC) and OSW-C certification will lapse. At that time, the use of the OSW-C credential is no longer be allowed. Individuals are encouraged to reapply for OSW-C when able to meet OSW-C criteria.
  5. The Board of Oncology Social Work will also track inactive status cases to ensure Policy and Procedures are appropriately applied and will send notification of OSW-C discontinuation as appropriate.